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Procrastination: The Fine Art of Doing Nothing Until the Last Minute.

 Do you ever waste your productive hour just by hanging out with your homies or just scrolling on your smartphone screen while you have tasks and assignments to be submitted on an upcoming day? If yes Congratulations, you are a Procrastinator! don't worry you are not alone, I'm also writing this blog after procrastination got hit me back. sarcastically it can be defined as the art of delaying the task until the very last minute often leading to stress and anxiety. Procrastination is a global thing that may affect everyone from students to professionals, you and me, and everyone in general. Why do People Procrastinate t he reasons people often procrastinate differ from person to person however we can point out some reasons according to psychology and facts   To get an Adrenaline-rush :  it is found in facts that some people do procrastinate to get an adrenaline rush when the tasks are completed on time, it's strange that they even get high doing so. Spiritless or lack of Mot