Why People Consider Wedding Photos More Rather Than Videography?


As a wedding photographer, I have successfully completed about a dozen wedding photography works in villages in Kannur, a place in India I recently found that people from the villages in Kannur preferred wedding photographs rather than videos, and I often think about "why people go for photographs at the wedding rather than videos" and I discussed it with my couple of friends and colleagues and I am sprung with variety of opinions and answers but to be frank it never comes up with an exact answer.


 The above image is a recent wedding photography work done by me, from there met a person who is a middle-aged man and made a conversation about the query have so long, he began to explain his thoughts and views about the query. he said that the villagers go for photographs rather than videos because of the heavy budget required for the videography, I felt it so genuine. may be photographs have many advantages over videographs but the reason for choosing photographs by the villagers was something different. //leave your opinion in the comment section, thank-you// for more of my works have a visit to the Best wedding photographer in Kannur //


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